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Flash Fotogalerie (Deutsch)

Who is it for?

Photographers, artists or anybody, who wants to publish their work or photos online but only have a small budget. It's more than just a template. We'll set it all up for you and it'll be ready to use within a few days. There are numerous free galleries on the web, but we don't sell just a gallery, but a complete, personal website, where you can publish not only your photos, but also information about yourself and your offer.


Are you interested in one of our products? Just contact us, describe the type of gallery you want for yourself and we'll send you all the information you'll need.



A standard gallery with your logo, one main photo of your choice and your contact information. The design will be the same on all pages. Basic background color can vary.

US$ 230.-


Individually designed homepage. Design of the subpages can be the same or different. You can chose any color you want for all elements and links can be changed if needed. For this gallery version, we'll charge per hour.

from. US$ 245.-


For this website to work you'll need access to our server. We offer cheap webspace for US$ 7.50 per month. Free setup.

How to use it

If you can handle a software like Windows-Explorer you can easily update your website from your home computer. We'll provide the FTP-software needed as well as the instructions on how to use it. You can upload new photos into your gallery and update any text content on your website yourself.


In the portfolio area you can set up almost as many photo galleries as you want. Just look at our examples and decide for yourself, which type of gallery fits your work best.

Examples Standard

Standard Flash Photo GalleryStandard Flash Photo Gallery

Examples Professional

Professional Flash Photo GalleryProfessional Flash Photo GalleryProfessional Flash Photo Gallery